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We aim to provide as wide a range of opportunities for our children as possible. We believe that it is important for them to see the relevance of what they are learning to the real-world and their future lives, as well as to be able to meet and learn alongside people from the local and wider communities.

Within our curriculum provision, children benefit from visitors to the school who help to enhance their experience. These range from members of different religious communities to business people, representatives from environmental groups, local Police officers and PCSOs. Many of these visitors share their experiences, expertise and beliefs with the children and also support them in developing their learning and roles within school. Visitors such as PCSOs work with our Junior Road Safety Officers, children enjoy finding out first-hand about Christian, Sikh and Muslim practices and stories and are engaged with the importance of recycling through working with ‘Recycling Rachel’. We also enjoy the support of our local Waitrose who work with our ‘Green Team’ and judge our annual garden competition.

Our partnerships and participation with the national Apps for Good programme provides children with a real life context for learning that develops their problem solving and collaborative skills as they work together to generate ideas for an app, and research and design how this would work and look, and who the target audience would be. This is all supported by visits from business people, both in person and via Skype across the world with companies such as Thompson Reuters, The Logic Group and Agile ICT.

There are also a range of opportunities across the school for children to develop their social and academic skills by taking part in activities and competitions with children from other local schools, such as in sports, building challenges, spelling and maths.


Community Group

Westfields is part of a Community Group consisting of members of the local community.  The aims of this group are as follows:

  • To provide the children of Westfields Junior School with experiences that will promote a sense of community and citizenship
  • To integrate the school within the community, not just as an educational facility, but as an environment for family and group activities
  • To ensure that the children of Westfields Junior School are good citizens who are recognised by their uniform and respected within the community
  • To provide additional resources for the users of the school that will enhance learning and community use
  • To obtain funding to support activities

If you are interested in supporting the learning and experiences of our children, please register your details below.

We are always grateful for help.  Please come and join us.


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