Introducing… myHappymind

Preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world by building resilient, balanced and happy minds at home and school.

MyHappymind for Schools was created with a very simple mission: to give today’s children the skills to thrive in tomorrow’s world. We know that mental health issues are growing at an exponential rate and we believe that we have to do something different if we want to change this. It is our strong belief that we must invest in preventative strategies in order to give children the skills and the tools to thrive. This is what myHappymind is all about and these are the reasons Westfields Junior School have invested in this resource.

Our Curriculum

At Westfields Junior School we have introduced weekly myHappymind time.  During this timetabled session the children build on their understanding and share in paired, group and whole class discussions.

The entire myHappymind program is based in science and research. Each module introduces a new set of content and habits to help children build resilience, self-esteem, confidence and to help them thrive.  Narrated by our lovable characters who come to life as animated characters on screen, myHappymind is structured across 5 modules.

  1. Meet Your Brain

How does my brain work and how do I look after it?

  1. Celebrate

What are my unique character strengths and how can I celebrate them?

  1. 3. Appreciate

Why does gratitude matter and how do I develop this as a habit?

  1. Relate

How do I build positive relationships and why do they matter?

  1. Engage

How do I set meaningful goals that matter to me and keep resilient in times of challenge?

Embedding at home

The free app for parents allows parents to continue to embed the learning at home and the fun games and activities keep children motivated to live the habits they have learnt at school, when they are at home, so please do take the time to download the app and continue this positive learning with your child(ren).   To access the app just go to https://myhappymind.org/parents and you’ll be guided through the process. 

Please find below the introductory assembly which you may also find useful. We hope that this will support our children in their well being.

Introductory assembly presentation

Link to myHappymind of Apple store

Link to myHappymind of Google Play

To access the myHappymind parent Kits for use at home please visit https://myhappymind.org/ParentKit-direct-enrol