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Reading is extremely important to us at Westfields as it underpins learning across the curriculum. We have an extensive library that is at the heart of our school; it is extremely well-stocked and currently contains over 6000 books.  Unlike most Junior schools, we also have a fully trained librarian, Mrs Colyer.  She ensures that our books are current and appealing to children and works with both groups and individuals to help children progress with their reading skills and recommend books appropriate to individual children.  Each child in our school has an allocation of 2 books from the library.

When children are still developing their fluency and understanding of reading, they choose from a selection of scheme books. These have been recently updated and contain modern, visually appealing books, which inspire children to read. Once children become more fluent, confident readers they progress to becoming a ‘free-reader.’  This means that they no longer select a scheme book, but instead choose any two books from the library. We think it is important for children to remain inspired to read, and to read a variety of different texts, so all children can choose 2 books from the library, regardless of whether they are selecting form scheme books or not.

The new curriculum has placed a much greater emphasis on reading across a range of genres, including the ‘Classics’ range. To develop their repertoire of genres, children have a grid at the back of their reading records which encourages them to read a variety of texts.

Within school, children take part in a range of reading activities, including formal reading lessons on a class, group or individual basis reading activities across the curriculum, for example through science or geography.

We expect children to read at home at least 5 times a week and record this in their home reading records.

Year 5 & 6 Reading Workshop:

Year 5 & 6 Reading Workshop 2019

Year 5 & 6 Parent Handout 2019

Example Text and Questions

My Key Targets Year 5 Reading

My Key Targets Year 6 Reading

Year 3 and 4 Reading Workshop:

Year 3 & 4 Reading Workshop 2018

Reading Comprehension Workshop 2018

Reading Fluency Workshop 2018

Parent Handout 2018

Reading Workshop Book Selection

Guided Reading Questions

Reading Question Stems

Reading Workshop Comprehension



End of Year Maths Objectives

 Click here is access/download the calculation policy for parents.

Virtual Maths Workshop – January 2021

Virtual Maths Workshop – October 2020

Times Table Handout from Workshop (January 2020)

Maths Workshop Presentation

Multiplication and Division Maths Workshop – October 2019

Maths Handout – October 2019



Useful Websites

We love Nrich!

Nrich is a fantastic website! There are hundreds of games and problem solving activities to explore.

You can use the search engine in the top right hand corner to find activities linked to various topics. Activities are organised by level of challenge, 1 star being the simplest and 4 star being the toughest.

We would advise that pupils aim to work around the 2 star challenges for key stage 2 but you may want to try 1 star and 3 star as well!

Try out some Maths games!

TopMarks is an engaging website to practise a variety of Mathematical skills. From times tables to numbers bonds, this website has it all. And the best thing about it is that it is free! Get your child to try out some games on the computer or tablet and we can guarantee they will be hooked! We are sure that use of TopMarks games will support their times tables and Maths fluency knowledge and help them to progress through the Math-Magician Scheme.

Mathematics for Deeper Understanding

The Mathematics Shed is a great website with hundreds of videos, maths resources, problems and puzzles. It may take a little bit of searching to find a resource that will be suitable for your child but your child’s class teacher or Mr Medwell, the Maths Coordinator, will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Maths through Stories

Mr Medwell’s favourite new website! This site is designed to help children who are struggling to access Maths by making it real and tangible, not just rooted in the abstract! The link below will lead you to some videos and stories that have a mathematical theme. You could explore these videos with your child, pausing periodically to discuss the Maths in each part of the story. Give it a go and tell Mr Medwell what you think! He’d love to get your thoughts on the site!

The National Curriculum

Below you will find the National Curriculum for Maths. The National Curriculum gives us a framework for how we structure or curriculum year on year.



Spelling is an important life skill.  Please see the leaflet below for ways to help your child learn their spellings.

Spell Well Activities Leaflet

Throughout each year at Westfields, children will learn various spelling patterns, for example words that end in cious or cial and will be given a list of some words to learn at home that follow this spelling rule. The pattern is taught in class and children are expected to be able to apply this pattern to other words that sound similar.

As well as these spelling patterns, the National Curriculum has outlined a list of key words that your child is expected to know at different points within the key stage. The lists are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell.

These are the words that your child will be expected to learn by the end of year 4


These are the words that your child will be expected to learn by the end of year 6.


We would really appreciate it if you could support your child with practising their spellings.

Spelling Punctuation and Grammar Workshop

Parents SATS Information Meeting


Parent Learning Support Pack