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The Great Curiosity Project

The Great Curiosity Project has inspired a wealth of curiosity in your homes and certainly in our bubbles at school! The open tasks have led to the most amazing and creative outcomes! The photographs of various projects and experiments as well as all the links to... read more

Year 6 Local Area Walk

This week, each of our Year 6 classes have enjoyed walking into Yateley High Street as part of their geography topic, ‘Location, Location, Location!’ Prior to our visit, in our lessons we have looked at how to draw accurate maps and created our own symbols to use.... read more

Science Week

This week we have been celebrating British Science Week with a range of themed activities based on “Our Diverse Planet”. The week started with a special assembly, explaining that our planet is made up of a magnificent range of animals, plants, habitats and... read more

Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey

At breaktime on Monday, we excitedly put on our coats and caps and got into the minibus to go on our great adventure. When we arrived at Fleet Station, we organised our tickets and waited for the train to arrive. On the train, we played games and the time flew by... read more