Home Learning Guidance

Homework provides an essential part of children’s learning as well as a really important link between home and school.

If you have any concerns over homework at all, please contact us as soon as possible in order that we can address these and support you in supporting your child to gain the best from their learning and make best progress.


Reading takes place regularly in school in a variety of forms, including more formal reading lessons to develop the skills needed to understand texts at increasing levels of complexity, reading efficiently for information across a range of curriculum areas, such as history, science or geography, and developing reading speed and sustained concentration.

All children will be expected to read regularly at home to ensure that they become skilled, efficient and interested readers who are able to access learning and information presented in all forms, as well as enjoy reading for pleasure.

All children will use a reading record book to record the books they have read. Teachers will set each child a target which may be to read a certain amount, or to focus on a particular skill whilst reading. We ask for parents support with this and that you sign your child’s book to confirm that the set activity has taken place. This also allows you the opportunity to comment on anything you feel that your child has done well, or may have struggled with, or to ask the teacher a question related to your child’s reading.


All children will also be given spellings to learn from the national curriculum expectations for their year group that will usually follow a particular rule or pattern. The rule or pattern will be taught in school so that children understand how it works and can apply it to a variety of words. Children will be tested on their understanding of this through a short test that will include the words they have been given to learn as well as a small number of other words that they have not had on their list, but which follow the same pattern or rule. This may take the form of a traditional test of a list of words, or as dictated sentences including the spelling word that a child needs to write. This is really important so that children become used to applying their knowledge of spelling and how it works, as well as simply rote learning words.

The lists of words and rules/patterns will be posted on the pupils homework section of the website with the date of when the test will take place.

Grammar and punctuation

Grammar and punctuation are an essential part of children’s ability to express themselves well when writing for a variety of purposes. It also enables them to make best sense of texts when reading. The national curriculum is clear about which skills children should be able to use routinely within their writing and we are aware that this is an area that we need to secure with our children, particularly as these expectations are higher than within the previous curriculum. Therefore, all English homework will have a grammar and punctuation focus. The specific task will be posted on the pupils homework section of the website.


As a school we have decided to use “My Maths”, an interactive online homework, for the development and securing of mathematical concepts.

Maths homework will be set weekly for years 5 and 6 and fortnightly for year 3 and 4, and will be differentiated for your child’s needs. The children will log on to the main pages, enter their portal ID and see their weekly homework.

Each piece of homework will have a series of “lessons” attached to it to consolidate anything taught in school and to allow the children greater depth of understanding. Clicking on the “revise first” icon will access the lessons. It is recommended that the children look through these before starting their homework.

Children will then do a short homework task of 2 sets of problems or a game. This is marked instantly so the children can see any errors and, as parents, you can see how they have done. Working with your child, you can also see anything that has come up, and talk it through with them. Your child’s teacher may set a target number of questions to complete correctly. The homework task can be done more than once to allow misconceptions to be addressed by the child and allow them to continue to practise and develop their confidence and speed.

My Maths is accessed through any PC internet browser with flash enabled and, using Puffin Academy- a free download, can be used on iPads as well. Instructions for this are on the My Maths homepage. Yateley secondary also use the system so when children go into year 7 they will already be familiar with the idea.

The fact that the tasks are differentiated and give instant feedback is of great benefit towards the shared learning experience homework can provide.

In addition, to help with your child’s learning times tables, their test books will also be sent home weekly after half term as parents have requested. This is so you can see how they did and know which tables they need continued practice with. The books will be sent home the day after your child’s class has done their weekly test. Please would you remind them to return the book promptly to school once they have had the chance to share it with you.

The times tables badge structure can be found on the pupils homework section of the website.

Homework Policy