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Spring Term 2022

The Spring term has been jam-packed with exciting learning journeys for Year 6. Within our topic ‘Location, Location, Location’ in Geography we have explored our local area and within our English units we have contrasted this with a variety of locations from around the world.  

In English, we have been delving into texts with different locations matching in with our overarching theme ‘Location, Location, Location’. We began exploring Kensuke’s Kingdom and learnt about a boy who was stranded at sea on an island with a mysterious man, Kensuke. Developing our reporting skills, Year 6 wrote newspaper reports about his disappearance as well as narratives about meeting a stranger when shipwrecked.  

Following on from this, we travelled with Alex Winters as he ended up stranded in the Amazon with the Yanomami Tribe. Learning how to further develop the organisation of our writing, we created non-chronological reports and then structured our own journey narratives.

Moving onto a completely different environment, Year 6 wrote persuasive letters to convince Ernest Shackleton to allow them to join his crew that were hoping to complete their mission in being the first team to cross Antarctica. However, after learning that his journey was full of peril and disaster, the children wrote letters of complaint about their treatment whilst on this dangerous journey!

Within our Maths learning this term, Year 6 have delved into calculating with and converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. We have worked hard to strengthen our arithmetic skills and strengthen our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division between fractions and decimals. Following on from this we explored problem solving with algebra and learnt how to find missing numbers that are represented with shapes or letters. We have also applied our knowledge of multiplication to support us in calculating with ratios, including using scale factors. Finally, Year 6 developed their understanding of reading and interpreting graphs.

Bringing the spark into our Science learning, the children began the Spring term with a focus on electricity.   We explored the different components of a circuit, the differences between voltage and current and even designed our own buzzer games using all of the knowledge we had gained about electricity. Next, we explored the human body, including our main organs and systems that keep us alive. We also focused on staying healthy and things that could harm our bodies such as having a poor diet, not exercising and the impact of drugs.


Continuing with our ‘Location, Location, Location’ unit, within Geography we have learnt about our local area of Yateley. We put this into context of the UK by exploring counties, cities, land use as well as transport links and natural resources. Then, we applied our knowledge of these features to explore Yateley and compare it to the nearby town of Camberley. During our learning, we visited Yateley High Street and mapped its features as well as completed surveys into what new and exciting features could be brought to Yateley to develop the town further.


Within RE during the Spring term, Year 6 explored rituals and the empty cross as well as having a visit from the local church to help us further understand Christian’s beliefs around resurrection.

During our Computing lessons, we have learnt how to use a variety of applications and programmes to present information. We have created some fantastic mind maps to support our learning using technology as well as videos and quizzes all about self-regulation when it comes to screen time.

Another highlight this term was Well-being Week. During this week, we took some time to help understand what we could do to have a heathy well-being, including colouring, meditating, happy breathing, taking about our feelings, staying active and so much more!

During Stem Week, Year 6 explored the theme of growing as well as animals’ habitats. We managed to grow carrots from carrot tops as well as make penguins nests using only two fingers as our beaks – we certainly need a bit more practise at being a penguin!

Autumn 2021

During the Autumn Term, Year 6 have taken a tour back in time to explore what it was like to live during World War II. Their jam-packed history topic took them on a journey: beginning with the causes of the war, and learning about what is was like to live in London during the perilous Blitz, stopping to explore the role of women and how this changed during the war, and understanding what it was like to be an evacuee and finally examining the role of leaders and propaganda.

Alongside our fabulous History topic, the children have explored a range of fiction and non-fiction texts within their English learning journeys. We have discovered what life was like for Lenny a young evacuee from ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’, delved into the magical world of ‘Narnia’ and even written our own flashbacks based of a film narrative text.

To further develop the children’s understanding of life during WWII, Year 6 pupils enjoyed a Creative Day with a variety of workshops to learn about ration cooking, wartime music and clothing as well as experience their very own tea dance!

In November, the Year 6 children visited the Winchester Military Museums. During their visit, the explored many artefacts linked to World War II including uniforms, home front documents, weaponry and equipment to help survive the Blitz. The Year 6 children loved trying on the uniforms and immersing themselves further into what life would have been like during this time of conflict.

We have been really impressed with the children’s development of their maths knowledge over the Autumn term. They have strengthened their understanding of place value, as well as tackled challenges with the formal methods for the four operations including persevering with long multiplication and division!

The Year 6 children have also completed lots of physical challenges this term. They developed their swimming strokes during our weekly swimming lessons at Yateley School as well as improved their understanding of road safety on their Bikeability courses. The children have learnt a lot about staying safe whether that is in water or out on the roads.

Within Science, the Year 6 children began with learning about light. They explored how light travels, how it enables us to see as well as the scientific concepts of refraction and reflection. Following on from this, Year 6 explored the ‘Theory of Evolution’ through their topic Evolution and Inheritance. During this topic the children learnt about natural selection, inheritance of genes within families and studied the work of famous scientists such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

To end our busy term, the Year 6 children worked together to complete their DT projects: moving Christmas shop windows! After learning about pulley mechanisms and using coding knowledge to programme lights and motors on Crumble kits, the children combined all of this knowledge to create fantastic Christmas themed window displays.

Poetry Slam 2021

Year 6 Calendar

For the following trips and events, further details will be communicated to parents in due course.


06.09.21               First day of term

13.09.21               Whole School Reading Matters Week

14.09.21               Year 6 Frogmore Community College Taster Day & Evening

15.09.21               Year 6 Swimming Lessons (1.00-3.00pm – 6LL & 6LB)

16.09.21               Individual School Photographs (AM)

17.09.21               Year 6 Frogmore Community College Open Morning

20/21/22.09.21  Year 6 Frogmore Community College Open Morning

20.09.21               First week of clubs

22.09.21               Year 6 Swimming Lessons (1.00-3.00pm – 6HC & 6LL)

22.09.21               PAWS Welcome Meeting & AGM (7.00pm)

24.09.21               Year 6 Meet the Teacher Meeting (2.45pm)

29.09.21               Blue Sky Thinking – opportunity to meet with Headteacher (8.45-9.45am, 2.25-3.15pm, 6.30-7.30pm)

29.09.21               Year 6 Swimming Lessons (1.00-3.00pm – 6LB & 6HC)

30.09.21               Year 6 Open Evening at Yateley School (from 6.30pm)

October 2021                    

01.10.21               Christmas Card Designs home (with leaflet)

04-08.10.21         Walk to School Week

06.10.21               Year 6 Swimming Lessons (1.00-3.00pm – 6LL & 6LB)

12.10.21               PAWS Film Night (3.15-5.00pm) Postponed to Spring Term

13.10.21               Year 6 Swimming Lessons (1.00-3.00pm –6HC & 6LL)

13.10.21               Year 6 SATS Information for Parents available online

15.10.21               Christmas Card Order Deadline

18.10.21              Year 6 WWII Creative Day

20.10.21               Year 6 Swimming Lessons (1.00-3.00pm –6LB & 6HC)

20.10.21               WJS Open Evening – prospective Year 2 parents and children (6.00-7.30pm)

21.10.21               PAWS Mufti Day

21.10.21               PAWS Fundraising Pizza Making Kits to go home

22.10.21               Inset Day

November 2021                               

03 & 04.11.21     Year 6 @ Winchester Military Museum (across two days)

06.11.21               WJS/Lions Yateley Fireworks Fiesta – volunteers required

08-12.11.21         Year 6 Bikeability Training

10.11.21               PAWS Meeting (7.00pm)

11.11.21               Whole School Fun Run

14.11.21               WJS attending Remembrance Parade

15-19.11.21         Anti-Bullying Week (Monday 15th Odd Sock Day – commences week with ‘what makes us unique’)

15-19.11.21         Road Safety Week (Friday 19th Time to Shine)

19.11.21               English Parents Workshop available online

24.11.21               Parents Evening (3.45-6.45pm)

25.11.21               Parents Evening (3.45-6.45pm)

26.11.21              6HC Radio Show

27.11.21               Yateley Christmas Market

30.11.21               Whole School Flu Immunisations

December 2021                

02.12.21               PAWS Christmas Pop-up Shop

03.12.21               Year 6 Schools Education Safety Unit – Hampshire Fire and Rescue

10.12.21               Christmas Extravaganza (afterschool)

14.12.21               School Carol Concert at St Swithun’s Church (10.30-12.00 parents welcome)

15.12.21               School Disco (Year 3 & 4 5.00- 6.15pm/Year 5 & 6 6.30- 7.45pm) – postponed

16.12.21               Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch

17.12.21               End of term (1.15pm finish)

January 2022                     

04.01.22               Inset Day

05.01.22               First day of term

14.01.22               World Religion Day

28.01.22               6LB Radio Show

31.01.22               Year 6 Westfields Has Talent Auditions (lunchtime)

February 2022                   

03.02.22               PAWS Film Night (afterschool) postponed

07.02.22               Year 6 National Child Measurement Programme

08.02.22               Safer Internet Day

11.02.22               Westfields Has Talent Showcase

18.02.22               PAWS Mufti Day & Pizza and Cookie Fundraising Event

March 2022                        

02.03.22               Parents Evening (3.45-6.45pm)

03.03.22               World Book Day

03.03.22               Parents Evening (3.45-6.45pm)

7,          Year 6 Local Area Walk (one class each day)

14-18.03.22         Science Week

25.03.22               Whole School Poetry Slam (World Poetry Day – 21st March)

25.03.22               PAWS Quiz Night

April 2022                           

05.04.22               Potted Sports Afternoon

06.04.22               School Disco (Year 3 & 4 5.00- 6.15pm/Year 5 & 6 6.30- 7.45pm)

08.04.22               Easter Raffle and Last Day of Spring Term (1.15pm finish)

25.04.22               First day of term

27.04.22               PAWS Meeting (7.00pm)

May 2022                            

02.05.22               Bank Holiday

09.05.22               Year 6 SATS Week (to be confirmed)

13.05.22               Year 5 Fiver Challenge (afterschool – whole school welcome)

24.05.22               PAWS Film Night (afterschool)

25.05.22               The Great Debate Event

26.05.22               Westfields Jubilee Celebration Day/PAWS Mufti Day (Dress to Impress for a party fit for the Queen!)

27.05.22               Inset Day

June 2022                           

06-10.06.22         Year 6 Croft Farm Residential

14.06.22              Class photographs and Year 6 Photograph

24.06.22             6LL Radio Show

30.06.22               Year 6 Production at Yateley School (date to be confirmed with YS)

July 2022                             

05.07.22               Sports Day

06.07.22               Celebration Evening (3.30-5.00pm – all welcome)

12.07.22               Reserve Sports Day

20.07.22               Year 6 Leavers Assembly (10.00am)

20.07.22               Year 6 Leavers BBQ (afternoon/afterschool)

21.07.22               Last day of term


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