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Year 5 Spring Term Newsletter

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Year 5 Autumn Term Topic Web

Spring Term 2020

During a rather wet and windy half term, Year 5 have travelled into the past to learn about life in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking era of British History. Existing was hard back then and our study of the life of children in Viking Britain showed how children lived a very different life to our lives today. Our English topics have enhanced our understanding of this time with a study of: Macbeth (who thought the Norwegians); the mighty Beowulf, an Anglo-Saxon monster slayer; and the Trickster God Loki whose shape changing led to many a tale!

In Maths we have focussed much of our learning on fractions (we don’t do things by halves in Year 5!)

We have also started our bread topic by investigating the different types of breads around the world and we are looking forward to our tasting session! Our Apps For Good project is underway, with children working on ways that apps can help to solve difficult life situations. We are looking forward to our creative day with more activities linked to Anglo-Saxon life.

Autumn Term 2019

Our Autumn Term topic is, “Space, the Final Frontier”.  Year 5 have had a fantastic term learning all about the Earth in Space. Our areas of study have explored why we have seasons, the order of the planets and many planetary facts. Capping it off with a fantastic trip to the Winchester Science Centre, our knowledge of the Universe has expanded. In writing we have looked at the genres of recounts, sci-fi stories, Iron Man poetry, UFO newspaper reports and so much more. In our Maths lessons we have consolidated and extended our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction methods, multiples, factors and squares as well as the area and perimeter of a range of shapes. Our exciting DT topic of moving toys took us up to Christmas and after completing focused practical tasks to develop our skills we thoroughly enjoyed designing, making and finally evaluating our finished products.

Summer Term 2019

In the Summer Term we focused on Animal Magic. To start off the term, Year 5 went wild at Marwell Zoo.  As part of our Science lifecycles topic, Year 5 learnt all about the development of different animal species in a zoo environment. They got up close to many cute and cuddly animals, (and some not so cute!) during the day as the children learnt about conservation and how we can care for animal wildlife for future generations.

Spring Term 2019

During the Spring Term Year 5 went time travelling!  Dressed in Anglo-Saxon or Viking costumes (no fighting between the tribes) we had an excellent Creative Day based around the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The day held a plethora of activities including baking authentic oat cakes(yum), making card warrior helmets and crafting jewellery fit for a king (or Thane). The day was rounded off with a story telling saga session on the field around the campfire- just as the Danes would do. The pupils learnt about the mighty god Thor and his antics with the ice giants, whilst eating their delicious oatcakes!

Autumn Term 2018

Our Autumn Term topic is Space, the final Frontier. Year 5 have had a fantastic term learning about the Earth in Space. Our science topic has explored why we have seasons, the order of the planets and many planetary facts. Capping it off with a fantastic trip to the Winchester Science Centre, our knowledge of the Universe has expanded (or inflated!) In writing we have looked at the genres of recounts, warning stories, poetry, flashbacks and more. In our Maths lessons we have consolidated and extended our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction methods, multiples, factors and squares and the area and perimeter of shapes. An exciting DT topic of moving toys has taken us up to Christmas.

Trips and Events

For the following trips and events, further details will be communicated to parents in due course.

Share a Story (Parents invited to read in school with their children) – 11th September @ 2.30pm

Year 5 Meet the Teacher Meeting – 12th September @ 2.45pm

Blue Sky Thinking – meeting with the Headteacher/SLT – 17th September @ 8.45-9.45am, 2.15-3.15pm or 6.30-7.30pm

Cardwell & Simmons individual pupil photos – 19th September

Year 5/6 Parents Maths Workshop – 3rd October @ 1.30-3.00pm, 6.30-8.00pm

PAWS Film Night – 8th October @ 3.15-5.00pm

Whole School Flu Immunisations – 17th October

Parents Evening – 22nd/23rd October @ 3.45-6.45pm

Whole School Fun Run – 24th October @ 1.45pm

Inset Day – 25th October

Year 5 & 6 Parent SPaG Workshop – 5th November @ 1.30-3.00pm, 6.30-8.00pm

Remembrance Sunday – children invited to attend, meet in St.Swithun’s car park – 10th November (time tbc)

Odd Sock Day/Anti Bullying Week – 11th November

Year 5 visit to Winchester Science Centre – 15th November

Your Time to Shine – be bright non-uniform day and Road Safety – 22nd November

PAWS Christmas Pop-Up Shop – 5th December AM

Christmas Extravaganza – 13th December @ 2.00-4.00pm

School Carol Concert – St. Swithun’s Church – Parents Welcome – 17th December @ 10.30am

Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day – 19th December

Year 5 Young Voices performance at O2 Arena London – 23rd January

Mill Rythe Meeting for Year 5 parents – 26th February @ 6.00pm

PAWS Mufti Day – 28th February

Parents Evening – 2nd/4th March @ 3.45-6.45pm

World Book Day – dress up – 5th March

Year 5 Anglo Saxon Viking Creative Day – 24th March

5DC Class Assembly – 27th March

Year 5 swimming (10 week course) – commences 22nd April PM

Year 5 visit to Marwell Zoo – 23rd April

Walk to School Week – 18th – 22nd May

Year 5/6 – Parents PSHE Meeting – 20th May @ 2.15-3.00pm, 6.30-7.15pm

School Photographer for class photographs – 9th June

Year 5 Activity Day at Yateley School – 23rd June 

Year 5 Parents’ Evening at Yateley School – 24th June

5SP Class Assembly – 26th June

Sports Day – 7th July – Year 3/4 AM, Year 5/6 PM

Celebration Evening – 8th July

Reserve Sports Day – 14th July

Year 5 Business Fair (Fiver Challenge) – 17th July @ 3.15-4.15pm (all welcome)




Whole school letters and newsletters can be found under the Parents tab (link to whole school letters)

Year 5 Spring Term Newsletter
SPaG Workshop Letter
Winchester Science Centre Trip Letter 2019
Young Voices 2020

Home Learning

Year 5 Home Learning

During school closure all home learning can be found under the menu Pupil\Home Learning, then select the appropriate Year Group.  Click here to go direct to page.  The home learning link can also be found on the home page under useful... read more

Year Group Spelling

The National Curriculum set out the spelling rules and patterns as well as spelling lists children in each year group need to learn. To help you spell these words, we set weekly spellings for you to learn and we provide spelling booklets which contains all your weekly spellings for the year.

Each week, you will learn a set number of spellings that follow a spelling rule or pattern and then you will have additional words which are words children in your year group should to be able to spell. To help you with your spellings, your teacher will teach you the rules and patterns and in your booklets, there is space for you to carry out the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ strategy at home. This will help you learn your spellings; you can also practise rainbow writing (writing out your spellings on top of each other in different colours, spell them out to an adult, be tested by an adult, write sentences with the spelling word in and you can also make mnemonics e.g. because – big elephants can’t always use small exits.

You will be tested on a Monday and on Tuesday, after your teacher has checked your spellings, you will tick the words you have spelt correctly in this booklet so you can keep a record of your progress. At the end of each half term, you will have a spelling test of selected words from the previous half term to see what you can remember!

Remember…Practise makes perfect!

Spelling Booklets will be handed out at the beginning of the academic year and need to be in school every Monday and Tuesday. If they are lost, please see your classteacher. You will need to bring 50p in for a replacement booklet.