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Spring Term 2022

What a packed term spring has turned out to be. During a rather windy term, Year 5 have travelled into the past to learn about life in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Era of British History. Life was hard back then and our study of Viking Britain showed how children lived a very different life to our lives today. Our key question for the topic was “Who were the better warriors – Anglo-Saxons or Vikings?” This proved difficult to answer as the two peoples defeated each other in different ways. We culminated our learning with our Creative Day – dressing up as Saxons and Vikings to create jewellery, helmets, runes and sagas – definitely a day to remember!

Our English topics this term have enhanced our understanding of this time period too with a study of: Macbeth who fought the Norwegians; the mighty Beowulf (an Anglo-Saxon monster slayer) and the trickster God Loki whose shape changing led to many a tale! We have also looked at fantasy texts with and extended guided reading unit on The Hobbit and writing based on The Weirdstone of Brisingaman.

In Maths we have focussed much of our learning on fractions (we don’t do things by halves in Year 5!) with decimal and percentage equivalents. We hope that our learning has secured our knowledge of fractions, equivalents and parts of wholes.

In Science our learning has focused on materials and their properties, changes of states and reversible or irreversible changes. Many investigations and experiments were performed this term and Year 5 have become investigative scientists. We also had a fantastic STEM Week based on growing where we discovered worms or built penguin nests just like a gentoo does.

Another highlight was completing our design technology topic ‘The Great Bread Bake Off’ by investigating the different types of breads around the world and finding out how bread is manufactured. We then designed, made and baked delicious bread rolls, stored them in bespoke packaging and evaluated our efforts – a great process and experience for us all!

Autumn 2021

Our Autumn Term topic was, “Space, the Final Frontier”.  Year 5 have had a fantastic term learning all about Earth in Space. Our areas of study have explored why we have seasons, the order of the planets (and many planetary facts), why we have day and night and how the Moon seems to change it’s a shape. Capping it off with a fantastic trip to the Winchester Science Centre, our knowledge of the Universe has expanded.


In writing we have looked at the genres of poetry based on the Iron Man, recounts in the form of the Moon Landing, sci-fi settings to produce a non-chronological report on alien life, bigfoot sighting descriptions and eyewitness reports. Our guided reading lessons have looked at How to Train as an Astronaut, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and The War of the Worlds; a great mix of non-fiction and classic texts.

In our Maths lessons we have consolidated and extended our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction written methods, multiples, factors, square numbers and prime numbers.

Our Geography lessons focused on where in the world we are by looking at compass points, hemispheres and lines of longitude and latitude to plot our positions. Our second unit focused on renewable energy and ensuring that we have enough for everyone.

Our exciting DT topic of Space cushions took us up to Christmas and after completing focused practical tasks to develop our skills we thoroughly enjoyed designing, making and finally evaluating our upcycled tie-dye products.

Of course, we have enjoyed many other exciting special events too. 5DC performed a great Space Assembly to parents whilst 5JF produced a superb radio show focusing on sustainability and the environment impact of recycling. Not to forget our extravaganza of Christmas decorations which gave us the opportunity to practice our entrepreneurial skills!

Poetry Slam 2021


Year 5 Calendar

For the following trips and events, further details will be communicated to parents in due course.


06.09.21               First day of term

13.09.21               Whole School Reading Matters Week

16.09.21               Individual School Photographs (AM)

20.09.21               First week of clubs

22.09.21               PAWS Welcome Meeting & AGM (7.00pm)

23.09.21               Year 5 Meet the Teacher Meeting (2.45pm)

29.09.21               Blue Sky Thinking – opportunity to meet with Headteacher (8.45-9.45am, 2.25-3.15pm, 6.30-7.30pm)

October 2021                    

01.10.21               Christmas Card Designs home (with leaflet)

04-08.10.21         Walk to School Week

12.10.21               PAWS Film Night (3.15-5.00pm) postponed to Spring Term

15.10.21               Year 5 @ Winchester Science Centre

15.10.21               Christmas Card Order Deadline

20.10.21               WJS Open Evening – prospective Year 2 parents and children (6.00-7.30pm)

21.10.21               PAWS Mufti Day

21.10.21               PAWS Fundraising Pizza Making Kits to go home

22.10.21               Inset Day

November 2021                               

06.11.21               WJS/Lions Yateley Fireworks Fiesta – volunteers required

10.11.21               PAWS Meeting (7.00pm)

11.11.21               Whole School Fun Run

12.11.21              5DC Class Assembly (10.00am)

14.11.21               WJS attending Remembrance Parade

15-19.11.21         Anti-Bullying Week (Monday 15th Odd Sock Day – commences week with ‘what makes us unique’)

15-19.11.21         Road Safety Week (Friday 19th Time to Shine)

19.11.21               English Parents Workshop available online

19.11.21               5JF Radio Show

24.11.21               Parents Evening (3.45-6.45pm)

25.11.21               Parents Evening (3.45-6.45pm)

27.11.21               Yateley Christmas Market

30.11.21               Whole School Flu Immunisations

December 2021                

02.12.21               PAWS Christmas Pop-up Shop

10.12.21               Christmas Extravaganza (afterschool)

14.12.21               School Carol Concert at St Swithun’s Church (10.30-12.00 parents welcome)

15.12.21               School Disco (Year 3 & 4 5.00- 6.15pm/Year 5 & 6 6.30- 7.45pm) – postponed

16.12.21               Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch

17.12.21               End of term (1.15pm finish)

January 2022                     

04.01.22               Inset Day

05.01.22               First day of term

12.01.22               Year 5 Swimming Lessons (details to follow)

14.01.22               World Religion Day

19.01.22               Year 5 Swimming Lessons (details to follow)

20.01.22               Year 5 Young Voices

26.01.22               Year 5 Swimming Lessons (details to follow)

February 2022                   

01.02.22               Year 5 Westfields Has Talent Auditions (lunchtime)

02.02.22               Year 5 Swimming Lessons (details to follow)

03.02.22               PAWS Film Night (afterschool) postponed

07.02.22               Year 5 Croft Farm Parents Information Meeting (6.00pm)

08.02.22               Safer Internet Day

09.02.22               Year 5 Swimming Lessons (details to follow)

11.02.22               5JF Class Assembly (10.00am)

11.02.22               Westfields Has Talent Showcase

16.02.22               Year 5 Swimming Lessons (details to follow)

18.02.22               PAWS Mufti Day

18.02.22               5DT Radio Show

March 2022                        

02.03.22               Parents Evening (3.45-6.45pm)

03.03.22               World Book Day

03.03.22               Parents Evening (3.45-6.45pm)

14-18.03.22         Science Week

25.03.22               Whole School Poetry Slam (World Poetry Day – 21st March)

25.03.22               PAWS Quiz Night

30.03.22               Year 5 Anglo Saxon Viking Day

31.03.22               Year 5 Happy Ensemble Performance to Parents (2.45-3.15pm)

April 2022                           

05.04.22               Potted Sports Afternoon

06.04.22               School Disco (Year 3 & 4 5.00- 6.15pm/Year 5 & 6 6.30- 7.45pm)

08.04.22               Easter Raffle and Last Day of Spring Term (1.15pm finish)

25.04.22               First day of term

27.04.22               PAWS Meeting (7.00pm)

29.04.22               Year 5 Marwell Zoo Visit

May 2022                            

06.05.22               5DT Class Assembly (10.00am)

13.05.22               Year 5 Fiver Challenge (afterschool – whole school welcome)

24.05.22               PAWS Film Night (afterschool)

25.05.22               The Great Debate Event

26.05.22               Westfields Jubilee Celebration Day – Dress to Impress for a party fit for the Queen!

27.05.22               Inset Day

June 2022                           

14.06.22               Class photographs and Year 6 Photograph

July 2022                             

01.07.22               5DC Radio Show

05.07.22               Sports Day

06.07.22               Celebration Evening (3.30-5.00pm – all welcome)

08.07.22               PAWS Mufti Day

12.07.22               Reserve Sports Day

21.07.22               Last day of term


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