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Year 4 Spring Term Newsletter

Year 4 Spring Term Topic Web

Year 4 Autumn Term Newsletter

Year 4 Autumn Term Topic Web

Spring Term 2020

We thought it could not have got better after the Autumn Term, but how wrong we were! Our theme for this term has been ‘Water Water Everywhere’, and what a theme it has been! The outstanding cross curricular learning has enriched our understanding of the importance of water in our lives this term.

For many of our lessons this term we have taken on the role of geographers, learning all about the water cycle, how rivers are formed and how we can filter dirty water to make it (reasonably) clean. Our Guided Reading this term has been incredibly exciting as we have had the opportunity to take part in the Hampshire Information Book Awards. We have reviewed five information books, exploring each one in depth through Guided Reading and then writing reviews. The texts have been excellent as many of them link with climates and weather around the world. One of our standout books though has been The Problem with Plastics. A book relevant for today and tomorrow, this really taught us how we humans are negatively affecting the environment around us and as result we are sure many of the children at home have spoken about your recycling habits!

In Science we have been exploring states of matter and how and why changes of state happen from solid to liquid and gas. There has been lots of hands on exploration and we have been developing skills to accurately use of a range of scientific equipment, including data loggers. After the half term break, we have explored sound and how sound waves travels. At the end of the term we will be learning about pitch and frequency and how these can be changed.

In English, we have written beautiful stories about a young girl in Africa, trying to save a tree with the last of her villages water. Hopefully you had a chance to read them while you were at Parents’ Evening!

Autumn Term 2019

What a fantastic Term we have had! Year 4 have been learning all about the Greeks this term. From developing our historical skills to enhancing our Ancient Greek knowledge we have had so much fun! As the term has gone on, we have learned all about the religion of Ancient Greece, structure of Ancient Greek society as well as the differences between Athens and Spartan. This amazing topic was topped off with a Creative Day where we created pitta bread, enjoyed a real Greek play and made laurel leaves.

Some of our most memorable lessons have been in Science where we have learnt about how scientists classify and group plants and animals by observing common features and characteristics and using keys. Following on from this topic, we explored humans and animals, developing an understanding of food chains in nature and how the digestive system works. We had a fantastic time creating a digestive system using tights, plastic bags, bananas and orange juice!

We finished off the year with a fun-filled project where we created a Christmas decoration. We developed our sewing skills, creating elaborate decorations from felt and fabric; we even learned how to sew on buttons and ribbons. What a fantastic way to end the term!

Summer Term 2019

In the Summer Term, Year 4 have been busy exploring Roman life and legacy and acting as history detectives. This began with us exploring an artefact collection and making explanation videos and also included a residential visit to the fabulous Ufton Court where we were able to feast at a banquet, learn military manoeuvres to apply to a battle between the Celts and Romans and develop skills such as archery, wattling and soap making. We even used our teamwork skills to make and launch giant trebuchets!

As part of our Design and Technology this term we completed a ‘Mission Impastable Project’. We evaluated and learnt about different pasta designs before making our own dough and shaping original shaped pasta designs. It was bellissimo even if we do say so ourselves!

Autumn Term 2018

In the Autumn term Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed developing their understanding of Ancient Greece. As well as our fabulous Creative Day, we have enjoyed learning about the Gods, legacies and even had a message from Doctor Who who needed advice on whether to land his Tardis in Athens or Sparta! In Maths we have developed our written methods for addition and subtraction, moving on to more formal methods. We have been treated to some amazing writing as we explored the fantasy lands of Pandora and the children created their own non-chronological reports, including information about different animals and landscapes on this mysterious moon.


Trips and Events

For the following trips and events, further details will be communicated to parents in due course.

Year 4 Meet the Teacher Meeting – 10th September @ 2.45pm

Share a Story (Parents invited to read in school with their children) – 11th September @ 2.30pm

Blue Sky Thinking – meeting with the Headteacher/SLT – 17th September @ 8.45-9.45am, 2.15-3.15pm or 6.30-7.30pm

Cardwell & Simmons individual pupil photos – 19th September

PAWS Film Night – 8th October @ 3.15-5.00pm

Year 4 Greek Creative Day – 10th October

Whole School Flu Immunisations – 17th October

Parents Evening – 22nd/23rd October @ 3.45-6.45pm

Whole School Fun Run – 24th October @ 1.45pm

Inset Day – 25th October

Remembrance Sunday – children invited to attend, meet in St.Swithun’s car park – 10th November (time tbc)

Odd Sock Day/Anti Bullying Week – 11th November

Your Time to Shine – be bright non-uniform day and Road Safety – 22nd November

PAWS Christmas Pop-Up Shop – 5th December AM

Christmas Extravaganza – 13th December @ 2.00-4.00pm

School Carol Concert – St. Swithun’s Church – Parents Welcome – 17th December @ 10.30am

Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day – 19th December

Year 3 & 4 Parents Maths Workshop – 16th January @ 1.45-3.00pm, 6.30-7.45pm

4RP Class Assembly – 24th January

Year 4 Ufton Court Meeting for Parents – 5th February @ 6.00pm

PAWS Mufti Day – 28th February

Parents Evening – 2nd/4th March @ 3.45-6.45pm

World Book Day – dress up – 5th March

Year 3 & 4 Parent SPaG Workshop – 10th March @ 1.45-3.00pm/, 6.30-7.45pm

Year 4 Dapdune Wharf/River Wey – 24th or 25th March

Walk to School Week – 18th – 22nd May

School Photographer for class photographs – 9th June

4TR Class Assembly – 19th June

Year 4 Ufton Court residential visit – 29th June – 1st July

Sports Day – 7th July – Year 3/4 AM, Year 5/6 PM

Celebration Evening – 8th July

Reserve Sports Day – 14th July

Year 5 Business Fair (Fiver Challenge) – 17th July @ 3.15-4.15pm (all welcome)




Whole school letters and newsletters can be found under the Parents tab (link to whole school letters)

Ufton Court Information Presentation to Parents. 2020
Year 4 Day Visit to Dapdune Wharf
Year 4 Spring Term Newsletter

Home Learning

Year 4 Home Learning

During school closure all home learning can be found under the menu Pupil\Home Learning, then select the appropriate Year Group.  Click here to go direct to page.  The home learning link can also be found on the home page under useful... read more

Year Group Spelling List

The National Curriculum set out the spelling rules and patterns as well as spelling lists children in each year group need to learn. To help you spell these words, we set weekly spellings for you to learn and we provide spelling booklets which contains all your weekly spellings for the year.

Each week, you will learn a set number of spellings that follow a spelling rule or pattern and then you will have additional words which are words children in your year group should to be able to spell. To help you with your spellings, your teacher will teach you the rules and patterns and in your booklets, there is space for you to carry out the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ strategy at home. This will help you learn your spellings; you can also practise rainbow writing (writing out your spellings on top of each other in different colours, spell them out to an adult, be tested by an adult, write sentences with the spelling word in and you can also make mnemonics e.g. because – big elephants can’t always use small exits.

You will be tested on a Monday and on Tuesday, after your teacher has checked your spellings, you will tick the words you have spelt correctly in this booklet so you can keep a record of your progress. At the end of each half term, you will have a spelling test of selected words from the previous half term to see what you can remember!

Remember…Practise makes perfect!

Spelling Booklets will be handed out at the beginning of the academic year and need to be in school every Monday and Tuesday. If they are lost, please see your classteacher. You will need to bring 50p in for a replacement booklet.