Home Learning

Year 3

Year 3 Home Learning Autumn Term

Week Commencing: 15.11.18 Due to be handed in: 20.11.18 Task: To link with our science topic, we would like you to record the things that you eat by completing a ‘food diary’ for two days. Year 3 food diary Spellings Week 8:  Please refer to the Year 3 Spelling lists... read more
Year 4

Year 4 Home Learning Autumn Term

Week Commencing: 27th September 2018 Due to be handed in:  2nd October 2018 Task:  English: Conjunction Sheet to complete. Please ask your teacher for another copy if you have misplaced yours. Spellings:  Please complete the practise for week 2... read more
Year 5

Year 5 Home Learning Autumn Term

Week Commencing:  29th October Due to be handed in: 6th November Tasks: Maths: This week we have been investigating factors and multiples.  MyMaths is all set up. Grammar– .Direct speech- we are learning to add in speech marks to direct speech and properly... read more
Year 6

Year 6 Revision

Year Group Spelling Lists

Each week, your child will have a spelling lesson where they will learn a specific rule or pattern.  Each child has been assigned a spelling group and will be given a list of either 8, 10 or 12 spellings to learn. There will also be between 2 and 5 ‘bonus words’ to learn.

Should you wish to see an overview of all spelling patterns for the year, revise key patterns or refer to their current spellings, please see the attachments below and refer to the week and pattern in the relevant year group homework section.

Please help your child to practice these in preparation for the test which will take place on a Monday in school.


Year 6 Spelling List 3 Star
Year 6 Spelling List 4 Star
Year 6 Spelling List 2 Star
Times tables fluency scheme


Mathmagicians is Westfields Junior School’s times tables and fluency scheme that has been running since September 2017. It allows children to focus on key fluency skills which will support them in every aspect of their Maths learning. Below is a guide to how the Math-Magicians Scheme works and examples of tests across the school.

Parents Guide to Maths Times Tables and Maths Fluency at Westfields Junior School

Example Tests