Covid-19 Home Learning Support

Remote Education Provision

In compliance with the expectations and principles outlined in DFE publications and directives, and in order to ensure that learning is continued during periods of self-isolation, Westfields Junior School has developed the following plan.

Remote Education Provision – September 2021

Remote Education Provision – January 2021

Remote Education Provision – September 2020

Year Group Home Learning Activities

If your child needs to self-isolate as they have tested positive for COVID-19, home learning will be set via ClassDojo. If you are awaiting results and would like your child to complete learning activities, please refer to the year group documents below:

Resources to Support Children with Additional Learning Needs

In addition to the above activities and any set by your child’s class teacher, if you require additional support during any period of self-isolation, you can access learning activities below. In this section, we have sourced and collated resources that can be used to support our children with additional needs. These are organised into specific needs and year groups so please take a look at the appropriate section/s to find additional activities should you require further support or should you wish to replace a task set by the year group that your child may be struggling to achieve and complete.

Also, please refer to the Resources to Support Children with Additional Learning Needs as there is a wealth of support out there for you to utilise.

Click here to download Website Resources to Support Children with Additional Learning Needs

If you require any further support, please do message your child’s class teacher via ClassDojo or call the school on 01252 408218.



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Resources to Support Children’s Well-being

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