One of our aims is to promote a sense of wellbeing and an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  To this end, we offer a range of clubs to encourage active participation in both sports and other areas of interest.  Playing sport at school is often the first step to unlocking talent as well as helping children to establish positive attitudes towards fitness.

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Events are also held where children represent Westfields to compete against teams from other schools.  Recently, these events have included maths, logo and design technology building challenges and many different sporting leagues and competitions.

Match Reports

Tuesday 20th Match v. Charles Kingsley’s at Home and Thursday 22nd Match at Greenfields School

This week has been a very busy week for the Year 6 Football team, with 2 matches played.

On Tuesday the 20th Westfields Junior School played Charles Kinsley’s at home in very cold and wet conditions. Lots of goals went in and we were leading 4-2 at half time, but after an action packed second half, sadly the final score was 7-5 to the opposition. Our goals were scored by: Tony-Jack Collins, Jake Scully-Davis and Finley Bonte.

On Thursday, we played Greenfields away in Hartley Whitney. They were a very tough opposition with great organisation that we found difficult to overcome. Ethan, our goalie, made some great saves and some Westfields defenders made some terrific tackles. The final score was 6-0 against us. We were disappointed with the results but will learn from our mistakes to improve next time.

Written by:  Thomas Warne and Jasmine Macfarlane

Potley Hill vs Westfields Junior School

On Monday the 12th November, the Year 6 football team played their first match of the season, facing Potley Hill Primary School. It was a really tough match. At the start we were one nil down, but after a further five minutes we managed to bring it back, with not one but two goals from Jake and one from Finlay to take the lead at halftime 3-1. With many amazing saves from Noah, only one more goal was conceded in the second half and Thomas added another goal to our total so the final score was 4-2 to Westfields.

Written by: Noah Blues and Jonny Moores

North East Hampshire Netball Tournament

On Friday 9th June, Westfields’ Netball Team (Beth Nwachuwu, Grace Shedden, Finley Sage, Lucas Santos, Brooke Scully-Davis, Amy Gray, Jacob Matthews & Hollie Billhardt) competed in the North East Hampshire Netball Tournament.

Our fantastic team were invited to this event as we have won our league this year. Nineteen teams from different schools participated and these were split into pools, so we only played 4 matches. We played against schools that we have never played before.

Our team did extremely well and in our first game, we won 2-0, thanks to Finley, who scored 2 goals. In our second game we drew 2-2: Beth scored those goals. In our penultimate game, we unfortunately lost, however, in our final game we won 4-0, with Hollie & Jacob scoring 2 goals each! We enjoyed the tournament very much and were elated that we managed to get 8th place in the final results.

Written by:  Beth Nwachuwu & Grace Shedden

Year 6 Football – Westfields v. Frogmore Junior School

On Tuesday 6th February, Westfields Junior School Year 6 football team travelled to an away fixture at Frogmore Junior School.  It was a tough match, with few chances made due to quality defending by both teams. At half time, the score was 0-0, neither side opening up the opposition. During the second half, one chance changed the match; Luke Bird scored a goal and Luke Fontaine got the assist. The score was 1-0 to Westfields Junior School at the final whistle!

Thanks you to all of the parents who came to support us. It was a fantastic game enjoyed by all!

Written by:  Finley Sage

Year 6 Netball – Westfields v. Charles Kingsley

What an exciting match! On Thursday after school, Hollie Billhardt, Thomas Conquest, Amy Gray, Jacob Matthews, Beth Nwachukwu, Lucas Santos, Brooke Scully-Davis and Grace Shedden all participated in a league netball match against Charles Kingsley.

In the first quarter, we were delighted when Amy and Beth both scored a goal each making the score 2-0. The second quarter was a bit tougher as there were lots of interceptions and as a result no goals were scored. By half time the score remained at 2-0 but we knew anything could happen in the final half… In the third quarter both teams scored one goal (WJS’s goal was scored by me!) In the final quarter tensions were running high as both teams desperately wanted to win but at the end of the game the final score was 3-1 to Westfields. After the game, player of the match was agreed, we decided to nominate their GK, Jessica as she had been a great defender and I was nominated by the visiting team for my skill and determination.

When the match was finished we were very proud of how we had all played especially as it is only our second match – go Westfields!

Written by:  Brooke Scully-Davis

Westfields v. Elvetham Heath – 23rd May 2017

On Tuesday, we played the league cup final against Elvetham Heath. It was an exciting match, however we were 5-0 down in the first half. After the team talk and a change to the formation by Mr Chaplin, we managed to get a goal but the final score 6-1.  This meant we were runners up in the League Cup, and 2nd in the Hampshire League overall.  A great end for Westfields Junior’s football season.

We were commended for our sportsmanship by the Elvetham Coach who emailed the school.


Westfields v. Charles Kingsleys – 2nd May 2017

 What a fantastic end to the league for Westfields! After a win at Newlands Primary before the Easter break, we came back with a convincing win against Charles Kingsleys. Scoring opened after less than a minute, with Westfields leading 5- 1 by half time! The second half started well again for Westfields and we were leading 8-1 before Charles Kingsleys scored again. The final score was 10-3. The goal scorers were Alex, Sam, Cameron and Harry with an own goal by Charles Kingsleys. This final result means we have a magnificent 100% winning record in the league and we will be competing in the League Cup. We are awaiting our opponents to be announced.

The Year 6 Football Team

Football Match Report – 9th February 2017

Westfields v. Elvetham Heath

This was our first game in the cup.  We played really well in the first half and our performance resulted in a superb headed goal from Sam Wood.  We were unfortunate in the second half, we conceded a weak goal and then it was back to level terms.  As the game went in to last minutes, they got an extra goal and unfortunately for us won the game.  We lost 2-1, but deserved at least 1 point.

Written by:  Harry Smith

Football Match Report – 2nd February 2017

Westfields v. Potley Hill Primary School

On Thursday afternoon our Year 6 football team faced Potley Hill Primary School for another league game. The pressure was on by the end of the first half because the score was a disappointing 1-0. But then Mr Chaplin encouraged us with a ‘team talk’ and we returned to the pitch feeling determined to succeed. And that’s just what we did… Alex scored an amazing three consecutive goals and Harrison followed up with a brilliant goal from a free kick.

Congratulations to the fantastic team: Luke Fallon, Jamie Kirton, Alex Monger, Joe Allan, Oliver Ginn, Adam Booth, Hayden Yule, Harrison Worboys and thank you to all the parents who came along to support.

Written by: Luke and Jamie

Netball Match Report – 1st December 2016

Westfields v. Potley Hill

Team: Matthew Capp, Jack Watkin, Finley Sage, Beth Nwachukwu, Faye, Ashley-Matthews, Amy Gray, Grace Shedden and Lisa Duke

Earlier this week, Westfields made a phenomenal start to the season with their first netball match against Potley Hill Primary School. Our opposition were a skilful team and they gave it their best but we made a great start. At the end of the first quarter the score was already 4-0 to Westfields. After switching positions, Westfields scored an extra two goals in the third and final quarters. Although in this time,

Potley also scored their first goal. At full time, Westfields triumphed with a score of 8-1.  Well done boys and girls!

Written by: Lisa Duke

Football Match Report – 3rd November 2016

WJS v Hook Primary

Yes! We won!

After a tough start, we were 1- 0 down at half time but we played really well in the second half, with some great passes and some sublime finishes!

The final score was 3 -1 to Westfields! The goal scorers were Alex Monger (2 goals) & Luke Fallon (1 goal). Man of the Match went to Jamie Kirton for some awesome crosses down the left side.

What a way to start the season – we can’t wait for our next match!

Written by: Luke Fallon & Harry Smith


























Netball 14th February 2017