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In order to give our children the best opportunities in their education, our school is well-resourced. This supports children in meeting the demands of education today, where thinking skills, which involve creative and critical approaches to problem-solving and decision-making have a high priority. Therefore, we have an extensive range of technology which sits alongside more traditional resources. These resources help children to break out from the confines of the classroom and to connect with people locally, nationally and globally to discuss real world issues and develop their understanding of different viewpoints from people who live in very different circumstances from their own. This is real learning with teachers helping children to prepare for a real world environment.

Technology makes learning visible where interactive simulations and illustrations can produce a much greater depth of understanding for our children. They develop their ability to research, innovate, present and create, whilst developing an awareness of responsibility for acceptable use and keeping themselves safe. It encourages collective collaboration and allows us at an early age to develop children’s skills with these tools so that they are well placed for the next stage of their education and beyond.


Keeping children safe drives our approach to the use of technology at Westfields. Technology is used as a learning tool across the curriculum. Children are taught safe practices and how to make good decisions about the responsible use of technology.

E-Safety Overview

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Please click here to download the Westfields Junior School E-Safety Guide for Parents

Useful Links

  CEOP’s Thinkuknow



  Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP)

  Bullying Online

Click here to view the Parent Fact Sheet – Child Safety on the app TikTok

Use of Images

Image permission and parental agreement letter

Parental use photography and filming at events

In order to safeguard our children we ask that any digital images that are taken at school events remain private and are not uploaded to social media or internet or otherwise shared if they include images of any child other than your own child/children.  Filming or taking of images may be restricted to certain times and locations.

Safer Internet Day

Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre the celebration sees hundreds of organisations get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

Safer Internet Day 2018 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February

This year, we celebrated Safer Internet Day with all sorts of exciting activities. Mr Chaplin, our Computing Coordinator, led an exciting interactive assembly and introduced this year’s theme of ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect’. The classes subsequently spent some of their curriculum time completing a range of linked activities. These ranged from recording an internet safety rap and breaking an emoji code, to creating posters and discussing online etiquette to stay safe. The whole school also learnt a Primary Educational Music song ‘Stay Safe on the Internet’ in honour of our safer internet celebrations.

Safer Internet Day 2017 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 7th February.

This year, the main focus of their campaign is #giveasmile. This encouraged the children to re-evaluate how they look at digital images online. Throughout the day, we all took part in various activities (mostly based around emojis!) and thought of how we could unite for a better and happier internet.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken in our photo booth!

Year 3 collage (2) Year 4 collage (2) Year 5 collage (2) Year 6 collage (2)

Safer Internet Day 2016 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 9th February with the slogan ‘Play your part for a better internet’.

Following a host of different learning approaches, through assemblies, displays, discussions, vodcasts and raps, children at Westfields Junior School produced the most amazing outcomes.   Throughout the day these were shared on Twitter, below are some highlights.

At the end of the day our Digital Leaders took to the playground to hand out leaflets, to parents and older siblings, on ‘how to stay safe of social media’.



Years 5 and 6 Safer Internet Day radio show

Class 6C Safer Internet Day video

Years 5 and 6 Safer Internet Day radio show

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IMG_4490 IMG_4492 IMG_4494

Apps for Good

Apps for Good is an exciting programme, developed to inspire and motivate students in computing. The children work in teams through a series of tasks designed to create imaginative mobile apps that will solve problems and make a difference to real life issues that directly affect themselves, their peers and their community.  Our children collaborate to agree on the issues and the problems they wish to solve and work together to come up with a solution. Working with real experts (designers, developers and entrepreneurs) they use the technology for a real purpose, whilst showing them, in a practical way, the importance of the learning skills we promote – teamwork, communication, creative thinking and perseverance.

Having been the first junior school to lead the way in the apps for good programme we are pleased to continue our partnership with this real-life experience for our children.

What is Apps for Good?

Westfield Junior School Apps for Good Winners 2018

Westfield Junior School Apps for Good Winners 2017


S’cool Radio

S’Cool radio is an integral part of our approach to developing childrens speaking and listening skills.

Family and friends anywhere in the world can tune into class radio shows, interviews and other podcasts.

Meet our Radio Leaders

Radio Interviews

Class Radio Shows 2018/19  (We would love to hear what you think, please comment below)

Class Radio Shows 2017/18  (We would love to hear what you think, please comment below)

Class Radio Shows 2016/17  (We would love to hear what you think, please comment below)

We would love to hear what you think, please comment below on your child’s radio show.


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