Curriculum Statement

Education and learning is a lifelong process.  We view our rich, relevant, broad and balanced curriculum as a tool with which to promote an understanding of how to learn, a love of learning, curiosity about, and respect for, the world and its citizens. We are committed to providing enriched experiences which meet the learning and developmental needs of all pupils in order to prepare them with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners in readiness for their next stage of education. Our curriculum approach is underpinned by our strong school ethos which fosters and promotes respect, alongside our schools key values of unity, inspiration and excellence.

Our curriculum is organised into half termly or termly topics in an integrated approach however, it does recognise that some elements and objectives should be delivered explicitly and time is allocated for this. We assess our curriculum using a range of formative and summative assessment tools. We use core subject checklists, progression documents and OTrack to ensure coverage, consistency and progression throughout the school. To validate our judgements we moderate within our school and with professionals within the locality. 

The impact of our curriculum is maximised through quality first teaching which fully utilises our timetable and the support staff within the school. All pupils, regardless of ability are challenged to achieve their potential at whatever level that might be. Pupils with additional needs are appropriately supported so that they can experience success and further challenge is given to our more able pupils to ensure they deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills. 

We recognise and highly value the importance of promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils; woven into our curriculum is ‘The Respect Charter’ which promotes core values of our society. In addition to this, key learning skills have been identified to support our cohorts of children and have been incorporated into the curriculum. 

The design, approaches and organisation of both the English curriculum and the Mathematics curriculum have been reviewed, trialled, developed and implemented after considerable research, liaison with local authority consultants and in collaboration with local schools. These subjects are taught in mixed ability classes across the Key Stage. In all year groups, there are small group interventions in order to support children in gaining the key skills to become successful readers, writers and mathematicians. 

We are a well-resourced school which places high emphasis upon the use of technology to enhance school life: iPads, laptops, keyboards, CTouches, IWB (replaced Easter 2018), a green screen and our very own S’Cool Radio Station are some of the resources we utilise across the curriculum. We are fortunate to be able to provide our pupils with additional learning spaces e.g. The jungle themed Library, The Hive (a flexible learning space including Room of Boom and The Cloud meeting area), The Nurture Room (predominantly used for wellbeing support and ELSA) and Active Room.

All subject leaders are given professional training and network opportunities to keep developing their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding so they can support curriculum development and their colleagues within the school. Creative weeks, whole school special events (sporting, creative and academic), trips, residential visits and other opportunities within and beyond school all enrich and develop the children’s enjoyable engaging learning experiences. Before, during and after school clubs extend these opportunities further. Our outdoor environment and the local area are considered opportunities for active learning for all our children.  

Through inclusive learning experiences, pupils have opportunities to reflect, self-assess, set personal targets and with each other, their parents and staff within the school, they can share their learning, developing positive learning attitudes their well-being, impacting positively upon well-being, demonstrating high expectations and a sense of responsibility to enable them to become happy, healthy, successful citizens of the future.

Curriculum Overview & Policies

At Westfields Junior School, we have organised this content into half termly themes for each year group, which you can find by clicking on the links below.

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

As always, we will continually be reviewing the effectiveness of the curriculum and will alter and amend it as necessary to react to how the children are responding to it. This means that occasionally, the timing may alter slightly, or the content be amended to suit the needs of the children and to make the most of any other opportunities that occur. If you require any further information about what your child is learning at any point, please do not hesitate to contact reception and we will arrange for the most appropriate member of staff to have a discussion with you.

Please note that these overviews should be read in conjunction with our Curriculum and Teaching and Learning policies which outline our approach to delivering the curriculum. All learning is underpinned by our school vision and the aim of developing children’s learning skills of stickability, creativity, teamwork and reflecting.

Teaching and Learning Policy

Curriculum Policy