Teaching and Learning


The ‘National Curriculum in England’ document outlines what should be taught in Key Stage 1 (Infants) and Key Stage 2 (Juniors).

At Westfields Junior School, we have organised this content into half termly themes for each year group, which you can find by clicking on the links below.

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

As always, we will continually be reviewing the effectiveness of the curriculum and will alter and amend it as necessary to react to how the children are responding to it. This means that occasionally, the timing may alter slightly, or the content be amended to suit the needs of the children and to make the most of any other opportunities that occur. If you require any further information about what your child is learning at any point, please do not hesitate to contact reception and we will arrange for the most appropriate member of staff to have a discussion with you.

Please note that these overviews should be read in conjunction with our Curriculum and Teaching and Learning policies which outline our approach to delivering the curriculum. All learning is underpinned by our school vision and the aim of developing children’s learning skills of stickability, creativity, teamwork and reflecting.

Teaching and Learning Policy

Curriculum Policy


Music plays a very important role in many aspects of school life at Westfields Junior School and we promote a passion for music in all of our learners. Pupils are exposed to music every day whether in assembly, in a curriculum music lessons, as inspiration for writing or art work, or over the airwaves via our very own radio station, S’cool Radio. Children are given the opportunity to develop skills to perform and compose using acoustic, electric and digital instruments and their time at Westfields Junior School culminates in the Year 6 production, which is performed in the theatre at Yateley School.

Children are able to learn to play different musical instruments as part of our curriculum, and individual lessons are made available through The Rock and Pop Foundation and peripatetic tutors.

Our School Choir regularly perform at a range of local community events which are always well received.  In addition to this, Year 5 pupils are given the opportunity to participate in the Young Voices concert at the O2 in London.

Physical Education & Extended Curriculum Sporting Opportunities

Encouraging physical activity is crucial in providing children with the knowledge needed to live a healthy, social and active life and here at Westfields Junior School, we ensure that children are exposed to a wide variety of sporting activities. Each class is allocated 2 hours of curriculum PE a week: 1 hour of indoor activity (gymnastics or dancing) as well as 1 hour of outdoor activity, which is determined by the sporting calendar. During this time, children are given the skills needed to develop agility and co-ordination, make and apply decisions that will not only affect them but also their team, evaluate and improve performance and most importantly an understanding of how to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

PE and Sports Premium Funding 2018-19

PE and Sports Premium Funding 2017-18

National Curriculum Requirement – Year 6 Swimming


Learning Skills

Understanding themselves as learners and believing that learning is a process that everyone can improve at is crucial to children developing as resilient, purposeful learners able to persevere and solve problems. In order to achieve this and work towards our mission for children to be well-equipped for their futures, our curriculum is underpinned by the development of learning skills across the school. We focus on developing aspects of teamwork, creativity, reflecting and stickability in the way that activities are planned, in the language of the classroom and in the way that learning is modelled to children. Each half term there will be a learning skill that each class is particularly aiming to develop, as well as using and developing the others to best effect for the task and challenge at hand.