Vision and Values

Our vision is for ...

... a school where everyone in the community is inspired to learn with and from each other, where there is mutual respect and self-belief in the persuit of excellence for all.

Our mission is that ....

... our children go into the wider world happy, confident, responsible citizens who are curious and respectful of all. They have a sense of self-worth, are well-equipped for the future, able to cope with change and make positive use of technological advances.


Core values Behaviours
  • Respect underpins all relationships in the school
  • Know and actively support school priorities, policies and procedures
  • Honest and open dialogue which facilitates learning with an from others
  • Pride in our environment
  • Diversity is celebrated
  • Collective responsibility
  • Achievements and successes are shared and celebrated
  • Creative learning - making decisions and looking from different perspectives
  • Innovative use of resources
  • Real, relevant and motivation activities
  • Sharing learning to influence others positively



  • A belief in the potential of all
  • Opportunities to reflect, evaluate and refine
  • Quality development and personalised learning for all
  • Engagements and challenge through problem-solving
  • All adults promote the value of learning
  • High expectations are explicit
  • Stickability and positively when tasks are difficult

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